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As the leading bathroom flooring company in Miami and Doral, FL, Villar Tile offers both a selection of flooring options as well as years of experience. We are a family-owned and operated business providing 30 years of expertise in helping homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the area design their ideal bathrooms. This includes new construction or complete bathroom remodeling in Doral and Miami.

We offer the top bathroom flooring materials to consider for your remodel or new home construction. There are many different options on the market, from bathroom tiles in Miami to beautiful, classic options in marble and stone flooring. Our exceptional selection of quality bathroom flooring in Miami allows you to create the look you want for the main bathroom, an ensuite, or any additional bathroom in the home or throughout a business.

Top 6 Bathroom Flooring Options Offered By Villar Gallery

With our selection of bathroom flooring options, our customers have a wide range of choices for their homes or commercial properties. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you in selecting the ideal flooring for new construction or renovation.

Our customers can choose from the following possibilities:

  • Vinyl bathroom flooring – durable, water-resistant, and very reasonably priced, vinyl bathroom flooring is a wonderful option for any bathroom in the home. It offers various colors, patterns, and styles to match any décor.
  • Porcelain tile bathroom flooring – porcelain tile bathroom flooring in Miami and Doral, FL, is one of our most popular options. This tile is extremely durable, offers a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns, and creates a beautiful flooring option in any bathroom. In addition, it can mimic the look of marble, natural stone, or wood.
  • Natural stone tile bathroom flooring – classic and designed to last a lifetime, natural stone tile is the premier option in bathroom flooring.
  • Concrete bathroom flooring – practical and durable, concrete tiles offer different options in designs, shapes, and sizes. These tiles are a great addition to a contemporary bathroom design.
  • Carpet bathroom flooring – carpeting provides a warm look to any bathroom or strategically placed with tile or other flooring options.

Our experienced staff at Villar Tile is here to assist with your bathroom flooring selection. For more information, or to order, contact us online.


Which flooring is good for a bathroom?

Any waterproof or water-resistant flooring is a good choice for a bathroom. This includes vinyl, porcelain, concrete, and natural stone.

Which tiles are good for a bathroom?

Porcelain, natural stone, and concrete tiles are ideal options for bathrooms.

Is ceramic or porcelain tile better?

Porcelain tile is more durable than ceramic tile and will stand up to heavier traffic without any signs of wear.

Is vinyl or laminate flooring better for a bathroom?

Vinyl flooring is installed in one piece, making it a better option for any wet area in the house, including the bathroom.

Is a bathroom remodel worth it?

A bathroom model updates this heavily used room in the house, adding to resale value and creating the ideal space.